I love bunting and want lots of it inside the marquee at my wedding. Unfortunately, it’s really quite expensive. To save money, I thought I’d sew my own. It also meant that I could make the lengths the exact size that I needed.

To start with I found some directions. A blog post on Glorious Treats was the one I decided to go with. It was simple and it looked good.

At first I bought material at my local fabric store, but given the amount I wanted to make, it was going to get expensive quite quickly. Instead, I ended up buying second hand sheets, quilts, pillow cases and table clothes from my local Salvo. This was probably the best thing I did. They were ridiculously cheap, and gave me a whole lot of material to play with. Plus, it was a great way to recycle old stuff. About 90% of my bunting flags are made from second hand material.

I also had my mother-in-law to be, sisters and mum send me some material to include. I thought it was a nice little touch, as I plan to keep most of it.


Above is a pic of two separate lengths of 15m. I still have a lot more to go, and should end up with about 120m. While it has taken quite some time, it has certainly saved me a whole lot of money. The most expensive part turned out to be the bias tape (at 97c per metre).


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