A little bit of green

Green is one of my favourite colours, so I thought I’d share some of the green things currently in my garden…

This is the first time I’ve grown broadbeans, and they’re going well. Nothing has attacked them, and I learnt early on (thank you Matt), that I needed to support them from the wind. A piece of string tied from one fence post to another worked perfectly.

They’re in full bloom now, with gorgeous white and purple flowers, and the first of hopefully many pods has begun to appear.

Broadbeans - bee 002

This broccoli is also a first in my garden. It’s only quite small, yet is already growing a head of broccoli. Can’t wait to eat it!


My snow peas are taking over! Well not quite, but they are loving the spot where I planted them. Soon they shall be covered in little white flowers.

Snow pea sprouts

Last but not least, is kale, another first for my garden. I love its crinkly little leaves. While currently a light green, the leaves will darken once it matures.