Love me some chickens

Back in June I decided to add two little chickens to my family. How old are they? No idea. I have this problem called bad memory and tend to forget a lot of things. Anyway, they’ve been laying since late July.


Chimmi (centre stage in this pic) and Doreen are both Isa Browns, and are terrible models. They are obsessed with food, and unfortunately are rather difficult to photograph, so excuse the over exposure.

When I first got them, I was worried how Chase, my old little Chihuahua cross Jack Russel (below), would go with them. She has a habit of chasing each and every bird that sets foot in the yard… even at 13 years of age.


It turns out I didn’t need to worry too much. She was excited at first, but once she got over that she’s been pretty good. There have been a couple of incidents, where she’s gotten cranky in her old age, which has resulted in a game of chase around the chicken coop, but the chickens hold their own.

They have this whole kung fu thing going on. Just the other day, it was the chickens who were having a go at Chase, both ganging up on her. Wings were flapping, clawed feet outstretched, reaching for Chase. They were both taking turns the naughty little chickens.

I must admit though, they are a whole lot of entertainment. From their unique little personalities, through to their dinosaur like run, I could watch them for hours. And the eggs are a bonus! I would say they help with kitchen waste and food scraps, but in this case my two are a little do-do, and don’t seem to want to expand their palette. It’s all good though, plenty of room in the compost.