DIY seed packets

Having been to a number of weddings, I’ve found a lot of the favours given are often things that never get used again, or dare I say it, thrown away. Taking that into consideration, we want to give our guests something they’ll actually use.

We considered giving small potted plants to the guests at our wedding. It would have been relatively easy to create ourselves, however we decided against this, as many guests will be coming from interstate. Not everyone loves plants as much as I do, so it would probably be a hassle for them to manage a potted plant in addition to their luggage on their flights home.

Instead we’ve decided to create seed packets and give them seeds.

I love raw/organic materials, so chose to use recycled paper. Unfortunately none of the stores where I live sell it, so I bought it online from BuyEcoGreen. I also bought five images from Can Stock Photo to use, though I only used three (see below).

Our names, the date of our wedding and the location are at the bottom of the seed packets, though I’ve photoshopped these out, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Image 2 - packets

By making these myself, it has enabled me to personalise them. As we don’t know who will be attending at this point, we chose to add an individual quote to the back of each packet.

Image 2 - quotes

I found a great Australian company online that sells seed packets – The Seed Collection. Their seeds are not chemically treated or genetically modified, and are not hybrids (this is important to me). They’re also the perfect size for my packets.  See below some lavender I bought from them earlier in the year.

Image 2 - seedsImage 1 - all

I’ve used craft glue to glue the packets together, and to finish them off, will add a cute little vintage style sticker to hold the top flap down. These were from an Australian Etsy store called LittleBillieBluebird.