Mexican bean beetle?


Mexican bean beetle

I’m all for organic gardening, so, when something started eating my tomato plant, the first step was of course to find out what it was.

Google helped with that… but, the only thing that seems to resemble this spiky little fellow is the Mexican Bean Beetle (larvae). Problem solved, except for the fact that they aren’t meant to be on the South Coast, let alone Australia.

There’s not much I can do for my tomato plants now, they ended up getting late blight (I think?!), however the bean beetle (if that’s what it is) could be a problem.

Being a total greenie at heart, I contacted the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to let them know of the ahem, possible invasion. I’ve since sent a sample off and am now, with much trepidation, waiting to hear the news. Trepidation because it’s probably a common pest that is going to make me look like the amateur gardener that I am (ie a fool). Damn karma. If I could’ve sent the bug without drowing it in alcohol first I would have. Really.

Anyway, if you know what it is, please let me know.